5 Simple Steps to Start Your Yoga Practice (Because It's Easier Than You Think)

| One of the main questions I hear from potential yogis is "How do you start yoga?" Well, it's  pretty simple- just start. It really doesn't take as much as you think and you honestly don't even need a mat to begin your yoga journey- you just have to want to practice.
If you're interested in starting a practice and not sure how to go about it, here are five simple tips that'll help you get going on your own yoga journey |

1. | Stay on your own mat |
The first time practicing yoga, especially in a class, can sometimes make you venture off onto another yogi's mat wondering "Damn, they're flexible!" or "Wow, how did they do that?" Yep, I was there before. You have to remember, though, everyone's journey is going to be different- your reason for starting may be different from the next yogi and their yoga journey may have started years before yours and so on and so on. It's okay to be inspired, but try not to focus so much on another yogi's practice, that you neglect your own.

2. | Don't think you have to be flexible |

This is probably the main reason I hear when people say they don't want to try yoga, however, YOGA is how you become flexible! The more you practice, the more flexible you become, and that's just one of the beautiful benefits of yoga. 

3. | Dress comfortably |

I highly recommend dressing comfortably during your practice and what's comfortable is ultimately up to you. Personally, if i'm going to a class, I prefer to wear a comfortable pair of tights and sports bra and if I wear a shirt, I like to wear a form fitting shirt so when I'm in downward dog or prepping for handstand, I don't have to worry about a loose-fitting top falling over my face and interfering with my practice. I also recommend being barefoot. Yoga is practiced barefoot so you can correctly grip your mat, use all of muscles in your feet and to connect with Earth. 
If you're insecure about your feet, try to get past it. Yoga is all about accepting your body for what it can do starting at the root. Besides, no one is worried about your toes, but you.

4. | Don't think yoga has to be a certain way or is for a certain type of people |

As I mentioned before, there are so many beautiful things about yoga- one of the main things is how diverse it is. Yoga isn't just for skinny, Lululemon- wearing "let's go grab a latte after practice" type of girl, nah. There are so many shapes, sizes, ethnicities and men that practice yoga, too. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that type of yogi I described earlier but, there are thicker, rap music-loving yogis also, as well as so many other lovers of yoga. We're all connected more than we think we are.

5. | Find a yoga style that works for you |

Just like there are so many different types of people that practice yoga, there are so many styles of yoga and personalities in terms of teachers. Do you prefer to be constantly moving while practicing? Maybe a vinyasa class will work best for you. If you're a type of person who likes to take things a little slower and hold the poses longer, try Yin Yoga. Something I like to ask myself when I try a new studio is "Am I being served here?" and if so, "Do I like what I'm being served?" Basically, "Am I comfortable or growing here?" It's okay to not like a class or style. We're all individuals with our own needs, but we just have to figure out what will aid us on our yoga journey.


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